In-Ovation® X by GAC

Elevating Standards, Expanding Possibilities.

The new In-Ovation X unites the clinical performance that you require with the comfort your patients expect. The elegant design is digitally engineered featuring a stronger interactive clip for highly effcient case finishing. The fully encased clip also mitigates calculus interference for improved performance. The keyhole opening on the face of the clip allows the opening and closing of the clip without a dedicated instrument, and is strategically located to reduce clip deformation. Additionally, the integrated body contours and increased tie-wing clearance make placing ligatures and accessories easier than ever before. The robotic assembly and welded base body enhances stability and performance while the unique polishing process delivers a smooth, lustrous finish.

Designed by You

When you make the most successful self-ligating bracket, GAC has set the bar pretty high. But that’s the challenge of innovation. Taking the best in class and taking it to the next level.

We spoke to orthodontic professionals across eight countries in three continents. It was a thought-provoking process that revealed more than 100 individual items that were important to the clinicians we spoke with. After the information was collected and collated, we analyzed our findings point by point. This enabled us to hone in on the design elements that the orthodontic community thought were most important.

Ultimately, 3 key ideas were identified.

  • You wanted a lower profile bracket, especially in the anterior region, that maintained the interactive properties and straight wire principles.
  • You wanted a robust clip, strong enough to maintain integrity through the entire course of treatment.
  • You wanted a clip that was easy to work with. One that included a hole on the facial surface for a simple opening method and designed to mitigate calculus interference with the opening mechanism.

Developed by Us

With decades of self-ligation expertise, proven clinical results and industry leadership GAC embarked on the development journey. With these ideas in mind, we challenged our engineers and R&D team to design the next generation In-Ovation bracket.

After meticulous sessions of design, testing validation (including a rigorous clinical trial) we arrived at our destination—the new In-Ovation X self-ligating system.

Unmatched Manufacturing Precision

In-Ovation X brackets are engineered and executed in our state-of-the-art Research, Design and Manufacturing Campus in Sarasota, Florida using the latest in digital robotics and automation. This enabled us to refine critical performance requirements, and to increase the level of predictable treatment outcomes for our customers

Take a Look at Great

In-Ovation X features the dynamic In-Ovation interactive design that lets you start and finish the case with one simple system. As the clinician, you select the degree of engagement between the bracket and wire. In-Ovation X can be passive for leveling and aligning, expressive during the working stages or active for controlled optimal finishing. No matter what philosophical system you use, the In-Ovation X bracket puts success at your fingertips.